Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Snow that Never Ends and Some Random February Moments--2014

Did I mention it snowed a lot this winter?
In all my years in Knoxville, I don’t think we’ve ever gotten this much snow at one time!
But it sure was fun!  And not just because we got to miss more school!
Cheers!  Mugs of hot chocolate to end the fun!  Well, not for Jonathan.  He still doesn’t like chocolate.  He just had a mug of milk with some marshmallows thrown in.
Other February moments:
Sweethearts Dinner with our “small” group from church
Valentine’s Day gifts for the kids
And my new favorite thing!  Jim added this mudroom area to our laundry room!  Isn’t it beautiful!  We love it!  Each child has a place to put his or her shoes, jackets, backpack, etc!  It’s wonderful!

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