Friday, July 18, 2014

Ending the Year in Memphis—Christmas 2013

The day after Christmas we went to Memphis to continue our festivities there. 
One of the biggest hits as far as presents were the pearl necklaces that George and Nancy brought for the girls.  Each girl got a necklace with a pendant and an oyster.  Inside the oysters were pearls that fit into the pendants.  So fun!
The girls proudly display their necklaces!
Rainbow loom!
Jodie and Jeff gave Jim some implements for the firepit, along with all the goodies to make s’mores!  Yum!  The fireplace set was actually an old set my parents had leftover from their pre-gas fireplace days.  They brought back some memories!
We passed down a Tote ‘n Go laptop to Graham.  It looks like he likes it!
Kinley, Reagan, Kallen, Zachary, Graham, Jonathan, Thomas
While in Memphis, we took Reagan to get her ears pierced.  She’s been wanting to for a long time, so we decided to do it while her two already-pierced cousins could be there with her.  She was very brave and did a great job, but the ensuing months have been filled with pierced ear drama.  I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but my sweet daughter is a bit dramatic.  And she must have the most sensitive ears in all of history!  Even now, seven months later, rare is the earring-related moment that does not in some way involve tears and hysterics.  Hopefully, it will end SOON. 
KayKay and Bud and the kiddos
Hurrah for the end of 2013!
2014, here we come!

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