Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Memorials, Ballet, and Cousins

Memorial Day weekend was a big, busy time for us!  Bud and KayKay came to visit, bringing Kinley and Kallen with them!  They were all here to see Reagan’s dance recital, just like last year!

Kinley, Reagan in her tap outfit, and Kallen
Ballerina beauties—Lily and Reagan
Kennedy and Reagan, after dinner at Calhoun’s on the River
S’more Time!
Me and KayKay

But the whole weekend wasn’t just about ballet and cousins!  It WAS Memorial Day weekend after all!  That means there needs to be some time spent honoring those who have given their lives for this country.  The boys had the privilege of participating in a Memorial activity that was truly special!  On Saturday morning, they went with Jim, Bud, and all the other scouts to place flags at the veteran’s cemetery.

God bless America!

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Anonymous said...

Love these kids & loved being with you over Memorial Day weekend. Have enjoyed ALL the posts! Thank you!

Love, Mom