Friday, July 11, 2014

Back to School—August 2013

Second grade, here we come!
Like last year, the kids were grouped two and two in their classes, which is such a blessing to me and Jim!  This year, Jonathan and Zachary were in one class and Reagan and Thomas were in the other.  That’s a different pairing from last year.  Last year, Jonathan was with Thomas and Zachary with Reagan.
Overall, the kids had a great year.  We loved their teachers!  They learned a lot, academically and socially.  We faced some challenges with friends, but learned, I hope, some valuable lessons. 
I can’t believe they’ll be in third grade this year!  That just seems so BIG.  I’m not ready for them to be so big.  It’s going by too fast!  But I suppose every parent feels that way.  They are great kids—not perfect, by any means—but truly great!  I LOVED third grade, and I hope they do too!

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