Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kids’ First Ski Trip—January 2014

To celebrate the New Year we went with the cub scouts on a ski trip to Sugar Mountain, NC.  This was our kids’ first introduction to skiing, and our goal was really no more than for them to get on skis and have fun.  Zachary was our biggest worry because he doesn’t much like the snow.
Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the pictures that I am certain we took.  That is disconcerting since I can’t imagine what has happened to them.  All I have are the ones I took with my phone.
JonZReaTom with their cub scout friend Jacob
Although there is no snow in this picture, there was plenty of snow on the slopes!
Thomas and Reagan
The weather was decently nice while we were their, cold enough for snow but not so cold that you counted the minutes until you could get to some heat!
When we arrived the first day, we were too late to make ski rentals and lift tickets worth the money, so we went tubing instead.  It was pricey too, but we had SO MUCH FUN that it was worth it!
The next day we skied.  The kids did a ski school lesson and (sort of) learned some basics.  Then Jim and I took them to the bunny hill and found an area off to the side where Jim could take them out one at a time and let them practice skiing down the hill.  It was a little too crowded that day (New Year’s weekend is apparently a pretty popular time to go skiing!) and that made it challenging to teach small people to ski without being in the way of the 5 billion other skiers, but we did the best we could, and the kids had a blast. 
Overall, I’d say it was a successful, although tiring trip, and although I don’t have much photographic evidence of the success, I do have evidence of the exhaustion!

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