Monday, July 7, 2014

Misc Moments from July 2013

Just for the record, Jim thinks I’m ridiculous for blogging these things a year out of date.  Duly noted, but I am compelled to continue the story chronologically.  It’s probably a sickness.  Humor me!
Last Fourth of July, we spent the night with our good friends Josh and Cris and their awesome kids.  It was a fun time!  They live out in Powell, so we went to Powell’s parade that morning and then to the park where there was free food!  It was a little rainy, but it didn’t stop us!
Pictured above: Jonathan, Carter, Thomas, Zachary, Kennedy, Reagan
I taught the kids to play computer Mahjongg.  Big hit!
Our beautiful girl in one of her favorite outfits
Last July, we also had construction going on at the house.  Hurrah for the new patio!  DSC_0097
We LOVE it! It should show up often in future posts.  We are out there all the time!  The kids love eating dinner on the patio and Jim and I love to sit around the fire pit after they go to bed!  I can’t believe we almost didn’t get the fire pit.  The builder talked us into it.  I’ll bet it gets used at least once a week, often more!

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