Friday, July 18, 2014

Christmas events 2013

Usually when I blog about Christmas in the middle of the summer, it is hot as blazes outside, but right now it is unseasonably cool for the middle of July.  The last two days were gorgeous, mild and sunny.  Today it’s overcast and rainy, but still nice and cool.
Anyway, the first part of Christmas prep is always the tree.  Every year we let the kids do a little bit more and every year they do a little bit better.
This year we got our first real tree since the kids were born.  We worried a little that it might cause Jonathan some issues with his allergies, but he did fine.  We put the fake tree in Jonathan and Zachary’s room upstairs so the lights could be seen from the street.  The kids really enjoyed having a tree upstairs!
Jonathan’s year to put the star on the tree!
The kids went with their church group to sing at the nursing home.
We went once again to see our Santa at the Bass pro Shops.  It’s always a treat to see him!  The people in line behind probably don’t think so though, since he always wants to spend a little extra time talking to us!
Right after school got out, we spent the night with Josh and Cris.  That is an event we always look forward to!
Christmas Eve we had dinner with the Bakers and Borsts, and I snapped this picture of Reagan and Lily just as my phone died.  I think that’s why Reagan blurred a little.
Cookies for Santa!
Santa came!
The giant remote-control Angry Bird was Dad’s favorite!
The boys with their Beyblades
Reagan and Saige
And finally, a few highlights from this year’s Christmas card photo shoot!
Merry Christmas!

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