Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!


Belated is better than not at all!

And since there's a good chance I won't get back here until after the new year...
I promise there are lots of posts to come and I will devote tons of time to them really soon after 2009 gets here!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Talking to Toddlers

Just a few entertaining conversations...

Scene 1: I'm in the kitchen and the kids are playing in the adjoining playroom. Thomas runs halfway across the room, then screeches to a halt, staring at the ceiling.

Thomas: Momma! I think it's missing! (pronounced mEEs-ing)

Me: (Looking towards the ceiling, wondering what he could possibly be staring at or talking about) What's missing, honey?

Thomas: I don't know, but I think it's missing!

I never did figure out what he was talking about!

Scene 2: It's "bedtime." I have just entered the kids' bedroom for the 400th time because they won't stay in their beds or be remotely quiet and go to sleep. I am OVER IT! I have Zachary in my sights this time. He was jumping on the bed, but immediately laid done when I opened the door.

Me: (leaning over his bed, angry voice) Zachary! Do you WANT to be in trouble?!? DO YOU!?!

Zachary: (tilts his head slightly, lays his index finger upon his cheek, turns his eyes toward the ceiling with a look of serious thinking) Hmmmm....

He never did actually answer my question. He just kept tilting his head and saying, "Hmmm..." I finally just had to leave before I burst out laughing and ruined my angry mood.

And this one, caught on tape! This was back in October and I've tried to post it before with no success. Actually, it took me 4 tries to get it to post today! Enjoy!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm Thankful

I'm thankful to finally have a chance to post about Thanksgiving.

I'm thankful to finally have a chance to post about ANYTHING!

I'm thankful the weather that day was nice, and we could spend some time playing outdoors!

I'm thankful Jonathan and his siblings could further explore their fascination with leaves...and sticks...and rocks!

I'm thankful for adorable pictures like this one of Zachary and his Daddy!

I'm thankful for football!

I'm thankful for the time we were able to spend with family!
(Thomas with Aunt Jayne)

I'm not thankful for the depressingly few pictures we were able to take on Thanksgiving.

But I am thankful that the ones we DID take turned out pretty good!

And I'm thankful that I'm getting to do this post before Christmas gets here!

Monday, December 1, 2008

A Day Away

Last weekend I was able to experience something completely new! More than 24 hours in which I was not responsible for any children! Woo hoo! I left the kids home with Jim and went to Nashville to spend some time with my mom and sister in honor of my sister's birthday. Happy birthday, Aunt Jo Jo!

Jim told the kids I was "going to work" which was something they could understand and worked out well because they didn't freak out when I left the house. Neither of us mentioned that I would be with Kay Kay and Aunt Jo Jo. Then I would have had to bring them all with me! What I actually did was go shopping, stay overnight at the Opryland Hotel, and get to see the Rockettes perform! And I had a great time! But I'll admit that I spent a lot of time smiling at other people's children, got a little teary at the beginning of the Rockettes show thinking about how much the kids, and especially Reagan, would enjoy seeing it in a couple of years, and had a hard time falling asleep without a monitor to listen to.

But I know what you REALLY want to hear about! What was Jim doing while I was gone? After all, this was his first time to keep the kids by himself for more than a few hours, so it was a big deal, and he was naturally a little nervous about keeping the horde entertained for such a long period of time. Nevertheless, in typical Jim fashion, he did a fabulous job! And even found time to document his adventures for your viewing pleasure!

I left the house after breakfast Sat morning and didn't return until after naptime Sunday afternoon, which means Jim undertook two naps, one bedtime, four meals, and hours of playtime with no help or guidance from me. They played. They wrestled. They colored. And then Jim brought out the big guns! He had found a train set for a reasonable price, so he put it together and amused the kids for a good long time! It played music and had a nice big track. It was also remote-controlled with only four buttons, so even the kids each got turns running the train. They LOVED it! In fact, they've begged to play with the train every day since.

Thomas, Jonathan, Zachary, and Reagan

Jonathan plays conductor

Jim even got out his guitar, put on a little concert, and let the kids each strum some notes themselves! So cool! They never get to do anything this exciting when it's just me!

Reagan is so proud of herself!

Thomas makes some professional adjustments to get the sound just right

The Concert Event of the Season!

Yes, the kids had a blast with Daddy! And I think Daddy had a good time too! And not only did he take care of the kids AND take pictures so I didn't miss a minute, but he also cleaned the kitchen, put away the kids' toys, and washed a load of laundry! Watch out folks, he just might be Super-Dad!