Monday, December 15, 2008

Talking to Toddlers

Just a few entertaining conversations...

Scene 1: I'm in the kitchen and the kids are playing in the adjoining playroom. Thomas runs halfway across the room, then screeches to a halt, staring at the ceiling.

Thomas: Momma! I think it's missing! (pronounced mEEs-ing)

Me: (Looking towards the ceiling, wondering what he could possibly be staring at or talking about) What's missing, honey?

Thomas: I don't know, but I think it's missing!

I never did figure out what he was talking about!

Scene 2: It's "bedtime." I have just entered the kids' bedroom for the 400th time because they won't stay in their beds or be remotely quiet and go to sleep. I am OVER IT! I have Zachary in my sights this time. He was jumping on the bed, but immediately laid done when I opened the door.

Me: (leaning over his bed, angry voice) Zachary! Do you WANT to be in trouble?!? DO YOU!?!

Zachary: (tilts his head slightly, lays his index finger upon his cheek, turns his eyes toward the ceiling with a look of serious thinking) Hmmmm....

He never did actually answer my question. He just kept tilting his head and saying, "Hmmm..." I finally just had to leave before I burst out laughing and ruined my angry mood.

And this one, caught on tape! This was back in October and I've tried to post it before with no success. Actually, it took me 4 tries to get it to post today! Enjoy!


Judah and Michelle said...

That conversation was fabulous! -M

Anonymous said...

That is just too, too cute!

Love, K-K

The Perkins Girls said...

cute reagan!! oh, i miss them all :) she's looking at jim like, "uh, NO, i am not a boy.. duh.." hee hee. and fyi, zachary pulled a classic kinley move--try to be mad at her and she just looks at the ceiling kinda smiling...argh!

Anonymous said...

I happen to know what Thomas was talking about... The smoke detector. I took them down when I lit the fire for the first couple of times. I didn't want them to "go off". Thomas was very concerned about the holes in the ceiling left by the missing smoke detectors.


Emily said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...

I have one to add: The boys had made a "train" by lining up all their trucks front to back, with the two ride-on big ones in the front. Zachary and Jonathan were playing conductor and calling "All aboard." Zachary got off his front truck to get something and Thomas got on. Z was naturally upset, and ready to fight, but I reasoned: "Zachary, you got off and Thomas thought you were finished, but if you will wait a bit, Thomas will get off and then it will be your turn." Zachary stared at Thomas for about 8 seconds, then proclaimed: "It not working!" Too funny!