Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Few More March Moments

Reagan took ballet and tap again this year, and in March I got to attend her class and take a few pictures.  She’s still not a brilliant dancer, but I could definitely see an improvement from last year!
The kids also participated in their first Bible Bowl this year.  Why I don’t have a picture of them, I’m not really sure, but here’s a picture of Jake at Bible Bowl.  My kids looked just like him!
JonZReaTom ended up all on a team together, and their team leader named them God’s Quads! They did REALLY well, especially considering they were competing against lots of older more experienced teams.  In fact, I think they may have been the only team from our church that made it to the final round!  They didn’t win, but we were really proud of them and can’t wait to see what they do next year!
Here is another cub scout adventure.  This time we went hiking at Concord park. 
And finally, one of our newest skills—doorframe climbing!

Under Water and Around the World—trips to the aquarium and zoo—March 2014

In March, I took a day off of work and chaperoned the 2nd grade field trip to the Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies.  It was a fun day with all of my kiddos!
Then, one day during Spring Break, we went to the Knoxville Zoo.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Snow that Never Ends and Some Random February Moments--2014

Did I mention it snowed a lot this winter?
In all my years in Knoxville, I don’t think we’ve ever gotten this much snow at one time!
But it sure was fun!  And not just because we got to miss more school!
Cheers!  Mugs of hot chocolate to end the fun!  Well, not for Jonathan.  He still doesn’t like chocolate.  He just had a mug of milk with some marshmallows thrown in.
Other February moments:
Sweethearts Dinner with our “small” group from church
Valentine’s Day gifts for the kids
And my new favorite thing!  Jim added this mudroom area to our laundry room!  Isn’t it beautiful!  We love it!  Each child has a place to put his or her shoes, jackets, backpack, etc!  It’s wonderful!

Was it National Scout Month? February 2014

February was a huge month for cub scout activities!  I’m not sure why there were so many, but here you go!
First, the Pinewood Derby!  Each of the boys made a Pinewood Derby car (with a little help from dad) and raced it against the other cars in their cub scout pack.  Last year, Jim helped a lot, but this time he let the boys do most of the work—sanding, painting, and decorating.  They did a great job, and their cars performed really well
Notice Reagan in her ballet attire.  The competition was on a Saturday morning after her ballet/tap class.
Thomas came in 2nd place overall and also won the Cub Scout Spirit award for having the best scout-inspired decorations on his car.
Zachary came in 3rd place overall.
And then there was Jonathan.  Each car raced 10 times.  Jonathan’s car came in 1st in 9 out of his 10 races, more first place finishes than any other car, more first place finishes than either of his brothers or the boy that placed 1st overall.  In fact, Jonathan’s car beat all three of the cars that placed. And yet Jonathan’s car came in 4th overall.  We think this was due to a glitch in the computer timing system because there were two heats where all the racing cars registered abnormally faster runs.  All three of the placing cars were involved in these two particular heats, and then 1st place car was in both of them.
Poor Jonathan.  He had watched his car beat every other car out there, and then he didn’t get a trophy, but his brothers did.  He was devastated and confused.  We all were, but we used it as a teaching moment, and in the end, Jonathan was a trooper and mustered up some joy for his brothers.
Since, the top three cars all advanced to the district competition, this story is not over yet, but you’ll have to wait until April posts to find out how it all ended!
Later that month, the cub scouts toured Neyland Stadium, including the really awesome new locker rooms and training facilities.  Then we all went to the basketball game.
And this time we remembered to wear jackets, since last year we forgot them and then froze to death waiting on the shuttle to take us back to the parking lot
Jonathan, Zachary, John Pierce, Thomas, Avery, Reagan, and Jake
Posing with Peyton
Eventually, the kids all left our crowded seats and went to sit where they had a little more space!
Go Vols!
At the end of the month was the annual Blue and Gold Ceremony.  This year it was Hawaiian themed, so the girls did a little hula dancing, and the boys all received their Hawaiian names which are probably long gone at this point!
I should’ve done this with all of them!
Like I said, it was a big month for scout activities!