Thursday, July 2, 2015

BB Guns and Tornadoes--July 2014

I'm a year behind on the blog again, (not that you would expect anything else!) and have had a lot of trouble with Live Writer, my long-time trusty blogging program, and have finally given up on trying to get it to work.  So I am back to creating my posts actually in the Blogger program.  I don't like it as much, but that is where I am.  So let's get this party started!

Last July, Jim finally got a chance to give the kids (well, the boys...Reagan wasn't interested) some shooting lessons with their BB gun.  It was a fun time, one that should be repeated more often than it is!

We also had a tornado warning which sent us to our safe place.  It's a rather small space, so we were quite cozy, especially after adding pillows and blankets.  I can't remember if the electricity had also gone out or we had just turned the light off to keep down the heat, but we took a few pictures and we are clearly lit up by a lantern and not the ceiling light.

Don't worry, Thomas was not as scared as he appears in the picture!  Don't we look prepared?  Even Jim has a helmet to protect his head from falling debris!  If only we had thought to make Thomas put on a shirt!

The last pictures from last July will give you a shot of our summer garden harvest, and Zachary in his second favorite socks.  Second favorite?  Yes.  He has identical yellow ones and THOSE are his favorite!  He picked them out on a birthday shopping trip in Memphis with Bud and KayKay.  Never have you seen kids so excited about new socks!

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