Thursday, July 2, 2015

First Day of Third Grade--August 2014

The kids started third grade last August.  It was really hard on me to think of my kids as third graders.  Second grade still sounds little, but THIRD GRADE sounds like BIG KIDS.  I remember third grade so much more vividly than I remember the earlier grades, so it feels older.  I don't have little kids anymore.  I have big kids.  Sigh.

Jonathan, Zachary, Reagan, Thomas

Here's the tub of school supplies we took to school.  It may look like less stuff than previous years, but I think that is just because some of the supplies fit inside other supplies.  There may also have been some of the larger boxes, like Ziploc bags, that weren't in the tub.  I can't remember.

This year we will break with tradition and make the kids carry their own stuff.  I know certain people will be disappointed because seeing Jim haul in the giant tub of supplies brings them such joy, but it draws a lot of unnecessary attention to us, and we get enough attention as it is!  Besides, the kids will be fourth graders!  (Sigh) They are plenty big enough to carry their own supplies!

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