Thursday, July 3, 2014

Good Grief—The Rest of Last Summer--Part 1--7th Birthday

Okay, it’s July of 2014, but I’m blogging about last summer.  It’s kind of ridiculous.

Last year, we had the kids’ birthday party at Tataru’s.  It was a big hit, but a little stressful on mom and dad.  It’s a very large area where all the kids can run amuck and have the best time ever, while you as the host pray no one breaks any bones.


In addition to trampolines, there are giant foam pits, balance beams, uneven bars, etc.  All the typical gymnastics equipment.  These are just the best pictures I have.

I wish I had gotten a nice group picture!
After the party, it was home to play with the awesome toys!
This science kit was a big hit with ALL of the kids.  It had chunks of “rock” that you could break open to find the gemstones inside.
Happy 7th birthday, JonZReaTom!

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