Monday, July 28, 2014

Camping and Cars—More Cub Scout Moments, April 2014

In addition to Easter, we also went camping in April, this time with the cub scouts at an official boy scout campground—Camp Pellissippi.  It was an overnight trip, made much easier by the fact that all the food was prepared for us by the camp workers.  Nice!
DSC_0189 (3)
There were different activities through out the day. Above, the boys (and Reagan) got their own little cast iron skillet in which they made their own little biscuits in the fire below.
DSC_0191 (3)
They also learned how to make an oven out of a cardboard box and went on a hike.  Not to mention they got to hang out with their scout friends and do a lot of running around and playing.
The view from our campsite
April was also the month of the district Pinewood Derby competition.  For background on this event see this previous post. We lucked out in that the boy who came in 1st overall couldn’t go to the district competition, so that scooted all the boys up a place, qualifying Jonathan to go.  So Jim took all the boys to the competition and raced their cars against those of all the other district winners. 
None of them won, but Jonathan came in 7th in the district, well ahead of his brothers, confirming our belief that he had the best car.  That made us all a little happier!
But here’s the funny part…
Here is Reagan with HER car and HER 1st place trophy!
The district competition has a special division called the outlaw division.  ANYBODY can race a car in the outlaw division.  They do this so that siblings can participate (and daddies can go crazy tricking out cars), and Jim told the kids about it with the original thought that Jonathan could at least race his car in the outlaw division.  But of course, when Reagan heard about it, she wanted to make a car too!  So Jim helped her make a car, all red sparkles and pony stickers.
And he entered it in the outlaw division.  But it turned out that her car was the ONLY car entered in the outlaw division, so she won!  (They did race it against some randomly chosen cars, and it did beat them!)
So in the end, Reagan came away with the biggest trophy!

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