Monday, July 28, 2014

Easter Weekend 2014

Lots of family and friends came to visit on Easter weekend, so there were lots of pictures!  Enjoy!
Saturday: Crawfish Boil
The kids, trying to get the crawfish to latch onto their sticks
Ainsleigh has a little chat with PawPaw
DSC_0196 (2)DSC_0122
Come on, Jonathan, try one!
He didn’t like it.
Part of the group—All in all, we had the six of us, PawPaw and NeNe, Clay and Carey and their three kids, Jason and Kelly and her two kids, and Josh and Cris and their two kids.  10 adults and 11 kids!
DSC_0201 (2)DSC_0203 (2)DSC_0209 (2)
There were three shots of the kids taken that night, none of them great sadly.  Two were blurry and this one cut off Tyler’s head.  Oh, well.
Sunday: Easter morning
After church, we trooped up the path beside Pellissippi Parkway and took pictures by the beautiful flowering trees.  The spot was my idea, and I think it turned out pretty well, but the walk was longer than I thought it would be and brought out mare than a couple unhappy comments. 
DSC_0233 (2)DSC_0237DSC_0240
Easter Egg Hunt
We had a great Easter weekend!  We hope you did too!

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