Thursday, January 10, 2008

2007 Posts

Partly because I saw this on another blog (not Becky's, but what a thief I am!) and partly because I've just recently learned how to do the links and I'm kind of excited about it...

Here are links to some of my favorite posts from 2007. Not all of them are actually about 2007. Some of them are early posts when I was writing about 2006. Just click on the link!

The Pregnancy
Thomas in the NICU
Mt Rushmore
Games Babies Play
Mean Games Babies Play
And the Walking Award Goes To...
A Total Infestation


The Murray Crew said...

Was it me you stole it from????? Hahaaa! Hope you have a healthy 2008! Can't believe how fast it flies!

Callie said...
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Callie said...

Umm, I don't if you noticed, but there are no new pictures in these last two posts. Just letting you know. ;-) (And the previous comment-deleting was an accident)