Thursday, August 2, 2007

And the Walking Award Goes To...


Reagan took about a step and a half before we went to Memphis, but by the time we left Memphis she was taking several steps at a time. By the time she turned 13 months old (July 20) she was walking around, turning, and continuing to walk. Now, she's a great walker, walking almost as much as she crawls. She still falls down pretty often, usually from getting so excited about whatever she's walking to that she starts waving her arms about and loses her balance.

Zachary is coming in second, having taken his first couple of steps July 24, as did Jonathan. However, since then, Zachary has really stepped up his efforts (get it? stepped up?) taking several steps in a row and walking without being prompted. He generally looks around after he's walked somewhere and waits for you to clap for him. He's even willing to start you off by clapping himself! Jonathan still has to be prompted to walk, but I don't think it will be much longer before he gains the confidence to try it more on his own.

Thomas will probably not be too far behind. It's a challenge to get him to stand still because all he wants to do is jump, but he is getting better at standing unassisted and took his first step Tuesday.

In honor of these blossoming walking abilities, we used the Stride Rite gift cards Aunt Jodie gave us for the kids' first birthday and bought everyone new shoes!

These babies were made for walkin'

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