Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Diggle Diggle Diggle

I don't know where kids get diggle diggle from, but every child I have ever been around in their early days of learning to speak has said diggle diggle or something really close to it. When they get older and learn lots of real words, they figure out that diggle diggle doesn't mean anything and they quit saying it. But I count it as a step to language discovery, a step we have finally achieved. Jonathan started saying diggle diggle diggle this past Friday, and has said it many times since, with several variations, flaggle flaggle gloodle piggle diggle. Or something like that. And the other kids are picking up on this fun new word and repeating it as well. Such fun! It makes me smile every time I hear it!


Anonymous said...

yea jonathan! i loved kinley's "diggle diggles". pretty soon it'll be nonstop chattering at your house! i miss you guys, jodie

Kelly said...

I said "diggle" and my daughter did too!