Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas in Memphis

We trekked across the state to Memphis for Christmas this year, only our second time to ever do it. The car ride did not go quite as smoothly as 6 months ago. They just didn't sleep as much this time. Nevertheless, we survived the ride with some help from the portable DVD player and quite a few goldfish crackers!



It was so great to get to spend a little time with my nieces. Kinley is getting so big! And Kallen is just adorable! Aren't they beautiful?

All the cousins!

The kids got some great new toys. We didn't have any trucks or cars and very little that was truly girly until this Christmas. Thanks everybody!

We also got to see Uncle George and Aunt Nancy--always a joy!

Jodie hosted a brunch at her house Christmas morning for both sides of her family. What a full house that was! 13 adults and 10 children, I think. Here are some of the kids, picnic-ing in the floor. I was both surprised and pleased by how well my kids ate from the floor. I really expected them to be constantly snatching food from the other children's plates, but they didn't really. They were very good. Maybe they were overwhelmed to be around so many kids who are bigger than them!

Here Jonathan and I are with Juli, our amazing Memphis photographer who took all those great shots of them when we visited this past summer!

The whole family!

We always stop at Opry Mills Mall when we pass through Nashville, to give the kids a break from the car. On this trip we discovered a new aquarium store or restaurant or something that had this great aquarium out front. The kids were entranced! They loved it!

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