Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Big 3

JonZReaTom Turns Three!!!!

I know, it was almost 2 weeks ago. I'VE BEEN BUSY! (And I've had trouble moving pictures around in this post and this post alone is taking multiples days to finish!) We had already decided to go to Jasper (where Jim's family lives) for their party this year, so we didn't have a party at home this time. This kind of threw me off for their birthday. Apparently as far as my brain was concerned, no party meant I didn't have to plan ANYTHING AT ALL. So the day of their birthday arrived and I had nothing special planned. I had ideas floating about in my head, but had not actually PLANNED anything. Can you believe that?!? I don't know what's wrong with me sometimes. In my defense, I did have a VBS center to run during the days prior to their birthday and was also distracted by Father's Day being the day after their birthday. It was just a lot going on all at once, and i dropped the birthday ball.

Kids, I truly apologize. I felt awful. I still feel awful. I'm really sorry. Lucky for me, you didn't care. Next year, I promise something amazing for your birthday!

Not that the day wasn't fun. It was! Jim made special pancakes...

Look, it's a three!

The kids got to play Guitar Hero, Zachary's favorite thing in the world these days. (Dad, can we play the buh-tar game?)

You rock!

We blew out the candles on last-minute store-bought cupcakes (really, I've never been so ashamed...at least not until the next day, but that's another post)

And we played in the kids' new pool! This was our birthday present to the kids (and ourselves!). We all love this pool! It's big enough for the whole family to get in and enjoy, but small enough that the kids can still touch the bottom easily. In fact, they can sit on their knees and still have their heads above the water.

And finally, the one birthday ball I didn't drop...taking their pictures at 4:30, their actual birth moments! I've done this every year so far, and hopefully I'll never forget! Here they are during the very minutes they turned three! In birth order of course!




This past weekend we went to Jasper for the birthday party at Gammy and Granny Kat's house! It was great, but unfortunately, because this birthday is cursed for me or something, we left home without the camera! I'M NOT KIDDING! Gammy took some pictures, which i hope to have copies of someday, but we had no way of bringing them home with us, so I have nothing to show you.
But you know what? The kids didn't no the difference! There was cake and candles and presents and singing and lots of love and that is all they needed to have a great birthday!
Next year they may need a little more! I solemnly swear to do better when they turn 4.
I have resigned my status as supermom and removed myself from the running for parent of the year. I will reapply at a later date.


Jennifer said...

Hi~! Just checking you out from a Feedjit link.

~You have beautiful children!~

The Perkins Girls said...

Whatever!?! You ARE still Mom of the Year. Seriously. Hello.... the pool is an awesome and very special birthday treat! Don't beat yourself up :) Here's to keeping our kiddos happy and oblivious to our forgetfulness!

The Carlsons said...

Happy Big 3! Wow, 3-year-olds?! They are getting so big! I love the swimming pictures of them. It looks like they really enjoy it :)

Thanks for sharing!
-fellow quad mom of 16mo GGGG and a 5yo boy