Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good Grief!

VBS, 3rd birthday, Father's Day, potty training.

All of these things have happened in the last 2 weeks and I have blogged about NONE OF THEM! Why? Well, duh, look at all the things that have been going on the last two weeks! I didn't have TIME to blog about anything! Thank goodness for twitter so I could quickly send out little spurts of information rather than completely disappear from the computer world. Oh, and I made a slideshow for the kids' birthday. That took up a lot of my time too. I'm a glutton for punishment.

BUT NOW, all of these activities are over, and thankfully nothing big looms in the future for at least three weeks! So I look forward to lots of posts coming soon. I have a list! A very random list.

In my few spare minutes left of naptime, I'll try to relate a couple of stories from our VBS experience.

This is the first year that the kids were old enough to go to VBS. They loved it! We went to two, first at Hardin Valley Church of Christ and then at West End Church of Christ. The first day, after i picked them up (I'm not even going to begin to tell you about the horrendous trouble i had trying to find the property, mostly because it was really EASY to find if you weren't as stubborn as me and just asked someone how to get there instead of trying to find it yourself when you have nothing to guide you except incorrect Google directions) Anyway, after I picked the kids up, and we're headed home, I asked the kids what songs they sang, and they all started shouting, "The cracky song! The cracky song!" I wracked my brains trying to remember any children's church songs that sounded remotely like "cracky" to no avail. The next day when i dropped them off, the song leader starts singing an Australian-themed version of "I'm in the Lord's Army" all about jumping with kangaroos and swimming with crocodiles and at the end, instead of yelling "Yes sir!" they yelled "Crikey!" The little lightbulb went off over my head immediately. This was what the kids were talking about. "Crikey" not "cracky" and that day on the way home, Jonathan taught me almost the entire song. Seriously! I sang a snippet of what i remembered from the song, and he said, "No, momma, that's not how it goes!" and then he corrected me. Almost the entire song! I was amazed he remembered it!

I was amazed often by the things they remembered from VBS. Each night when Jim got home, I would ask them to tell Daddy what they learned about God today, and they would shout out something that they had learned that day. Always impressive!

Well, I know this is probably so much less than you wanted to hear after the long blog silence. I promise there is more to come and at least some of it will be really good!

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