Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Final Beach Memory

Okay, I know, the beach trip was a month ago, but I happened to think of this and wanted to share...

Personally, I had had no intention of telling the kids we were going to the beach until maybe the day before, maybe not even then! I didn't want to have to spend the weeks leading up to the trip saying, "No, we aren't going to the beach today. We don't leave until (add length of time here)" and then listening to the resulting whining and crying.

Alas, I forgot to share this decision with other important people, namely their Daddy and their KayKay, and the kids were informed way early that we were going to the beach. However, the adorable side effect of this news was that the kids LOVED to tell everyone we saw that we were going to the beach...and then invite them to come with us!

Reagan to nice lady being entertained by us getting haircuts at Great Clips: We're goin' to da BEACH!

Nice lady: You are? That sounds like fun!

Reagan: You wanna come?

Seriously, they invited everyone we spoke to for weeks leading up to the trip! It was very cute, and luckily no one accepted the invitations!

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