Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beach Trip Part 3

Okay, maybe I can finally finish this trip! This is going to be a long post with LOTS of pictures!

The next day was Memorial Day. More fun times on the beach and in the pool. The kids loved the pool! They loved being able to sit on the steps and still be in the water. Zachary liked that the water wasn't chasing him. He rarely ventured off the topmost step, but the others did. Jonathan even came down to the lowest step all on his own. Mr. Adventure!

Kinley had just finished swim lessons and showed her cousins the swimming skills they could look forward to in the future. Kallen showed off kicking about in an innertube.

Look how proud she is of herself! Great swimming, Kallen! It took us the rest of the week to coax any of our kiddos off the steps and into an innertube, but eventually all but Zachary were joyfully floating about in open water and loving every minute of it!

Aunt Jojo with Thomas and Kallen

Reagan and her Momma! With no floats at all! Such a big girl!

It was a little nervous-making having so many small children in the pool at one time, but we tag-teamed and kept our eyes open. Occasionally, someone would slip off a step into the water, but we were always close by to scoop them right out!

Jim prepared a sumptuous shrimp and crab leg feast for dinner on Memorial Day. Unfortunately, Thomas started throwing up right about then, so neither he nor I got to really enjoy it. I did have some, and it was very good!

Like his brothers before him, Thomas threw up off and on for the rest of the evening, finishing up around 10:15, and falling asleep in the floor. We moved him to a pallet on the floor beside our bed where he slept peacefully the rest of the night and woke up feeling fine the next day. back to the beach and the pool we went! With lots of fluids!

That night Bud and KayKay took the whole family out to dinner at Bahama Bob's. It was first big restaurant-eating experience our kids have had, so Jim and I were a little nervous about how they would act. Happily, they did great! It helped that we brought some snacks to appease them before the food arrived, and the food came really quickly! They ate well, and no one pitched a fit! Success!

Then we headed to the beach for some more formal family pictures.

Kinley and Kallen

Jeff, Kinley, Jodie, Kallen

My sister's beautiful family!

My own beautiful family!

Zachary, Me, Jonathan, Thomas, Jim, Reagan

(l to r adults) Allison, Jim, KayKay, Bud, Jodie, Jeff
(l to r kids) Reagan, Jonathan, Zachary, Thomas, Kinley, Kallen

It was such a fun evening! The next day was not so fun.
Kinley started throwing up in the middle of the night and felt bad all the next day, running a fever that was pretty high at times, something my kids never did during their recent vomit sessions. Kallen threw up a few times in the morning too, but never seemed to feel too bad. Thomas woke up, came down the hallway to our room with his siblings, crawled in our bed and went back to sleep while the rest of the kids watched TV. Then he woke up, went upstairs with us for breakfast, but instead of eating he crawled into a chair and went back to sleep. He would wake up only to go back to sleep. He didn't have a fever or any other symptoms, so we decided maybe he was really dehydrated and started pushing water and Gatorade. As the morning wore on, he would stay awake for longer periods of time, eating and drinking and acting more normal. By the evening, he seemed pretty much himself again. In fact, we even took the kids out to run around on the beach a little. You'll notice that Thomas is still in his pajamas!



Thomas and his momma!



Why is Zachary lying down in the sand?
Because there wasn't nearly enough sand in his hair!

The next day Jeff was sick, and on Friday Jodie didn't feel so great either. Also on Friday we got a call that KayKay cat hadn't been all! The whole week! So Bud and KayKay went ahead and left Friday night rather than Sat morning with the rest of us.
It was a busy, beachy week, and even though 7 of the 12 of us got sick at some point during the trip, I think we would all agree that it was a great trip and we had a blast! Thanks Bud and KayKay for making it all happen! We love you!

Hey, Reagan, wanna do this again sometime?
Absolutely!! How about next month?

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Nikki McElroy said...

Congratulations on a trip well done! Sickness and 6 little ones at the beach and looks like you had a great time. That is award worthy! They are all so cute!