Thursday, March 1, 2007

This Past Weekend

This past weekend was a time of both sorrow and joy for us. On Saturday, Jim attended the funeral of a high school classmate, Jason. It was very hard for him. We don't think of people our age dying. On the other hand, Jason's death brought Jim back in touch with a lot of old friends he wouldn't otherwise have talked to. It also brought Uncle Clay in town for a visit! We were disappointed that he didn't bring Cousin Tyler and Aunt Carey with him, but managed to content ourselves with having fun with Uncle Clay. We'll have to wait until Easter to meet Cousin Tyler. We also had a visit from Cousin Josh and his girlfriends Erin! What fun we had! And to top off our weekend, Carter came over to play Sunday night! From a sitting position, he can stand up all by himself and even take a few steps! He's sure to be walking like a pro before his birthday next month!

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