Monday, March 19, 2007

8 Month Pictures

Okay, I realize that the kids will be 9 months old tomorrow, but here are their 8 month pictures anyway! Thanks once again to Michelle for her wonderful photographic skills, particularly as the kids get older and harder to capture on film. They are so much more interested in doing anything other than smiling directly at the camera!
The kids had so much fun with their blankets that David and Abby wanted in on the fun too, so they had "blanket-head" pictures taken as well!

You'll have to excuse Thomas. Although quite capable of sitting up just as well as everyone else and certainly of smiling just as nicely, he refused to do either for this picture (or any of the other group pics we attempted to take that day!). Nevertheless, here they all are!

Happy 8 Months Old!

AND thank you Sabrina for the adorable outfits!

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