Saturday, March 31, 2007

9 Months Old!

The kids turned 9 months old on March 20th! I can hardly believe it! This first year is going by so fast! They'll be a year old in no time! Michelle was out-of-town that day, so I got crazy and decided to try taking their pictures myself. The results aren't too bad, but the experience was! There just wasn't enough time to change diapers and outfits and take pictures all by myself after the noon bottles but before it got too close to naptime and they got all cranky. So I got individual shots, but no group one. I'm not too concerned though since we got good group shots the week before when my family was here.

The grin is slightly evil because that it what Jonathan was! Slightly evil! In his seated pictures, he kept trying to crawl away, and in his standing ones, all he wanted to do was grab the drape and pull it or stick it in his mouth!

Second-best baby of the afternoon, but only because I took the other three who were crying in the background and put them to bed before getting any good shots! Before that, Zachary just kept looking at the ones who were crying.

Best baby of the afternoon!

Maybe it's because she went first, but Reagan was great the whole time!

I think Thomas may have been a little sleepy. He looked like this in every picture I took. He also didn't want to stand. He just leaned against the box and kept sliding off the side.

One more shot of my little angel!


Callie said...

Great pictures! They look so BIG standing up!

Becky said...

how did you set up the photos? what kind of cloth is that and where did you get it? really great pics!