Monday, March 19, 2007

Fun with Cousin Kinley!

Last week my family came to visit. It was an extra-special visit because Aunt Jodie and Cousin Kinley came with KayKay and Daddy Bud. It was so great to see them since we hadn't seen them since Thanksgiving! Kinley is getting so big! She's talking now and loved to tell me every so often who everyone was, just in case I had forgotten. She would look at me and point at Jodie and say, "Mama!" so I would know that that was her Mama. She would do the same with KayKay and Daddy Bud, whom she calls simply Bud. It was terribly cute, and fun to think that this time next year, that's what my kids will be doing!

Aunt Jodie and Cousin Kinley

It was also fun to see Jodie all pregnant! She's due July 1st, but I'm hoping the baby comes a little early so she can be born in June like all the other grandkids!

We love Aunt Jodie!

See, we can all fit in one bed!

Playing with Daddy Bud

Thomas watching TV with KayKay

David and Abby came over to play with Kinley, and although it doesn't really show in this picture, she had a blast! David was the life of the party for her, and she and Abby just cackled at all the funny things he did to entertain them.

Kinley shows her cousins how the toy works

Mom and Jodie were a big help at feeding time!

Aunt Jodie and Zachary

Daddy Bud and Zachary

KayKay and Zachary

Jonathan says, "I won't look at the camera, and you can't make me! A-ha-ha-ha!"

Zachary says, "You think I'm the cutest, right?"

Reagan says, "Zachary's the cutest? Seriously?"

"You guys are all crazy! Obviously I'm the cutest!" replies Thomas

"Crazy?! Who said I was crazy? I'm not crazy!"

Okay, maybe we're all cute!

Now, this is the way to drink a bottle!

A full house!


suzanne said...

wow! great pics!

Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

Your babies are beautiful ... and I especially love your feeding frenzy photos. It's really mind boggling to think about caring for so many babies at once!!

You have been blessed!