Saturday, March 31, 2007

And the Crawling Award Goes To...


Despite Thomas' efforts over the last two months or so, Jonathan beat him to this milestone. It was a very fast progression. The last couple of days of my family's visit, he started making definite crawling efforts. Then on Saturday the 17th, he crawled! It was so fast! We captured some early steps on film on the 18th.

In his early crawling days, he needed a real incentive, like Daddy's coffee mug. He is particularly attracted to dishes. Gradually, he came to realize that crawling was good for getting to other things, like toys or siblings. It took him a while to get up the nerve to leave the playroom. He has taken to bursting into tears every time I leave the room lately, so if the kids were in the playroom and I would leave, he would crawl to the edge of the carpet and then lay down and scream like his little heart was broken and I'd abandoned him forever. This makes it very hard for me to do anything...ever...but I just can't stay in the playroom every second! If I did, the laundry would never get put away, I'd never get to go to the bathroom, and we'd all starve to death.

Then there were several days where he would crawl just a couple of feet into the kitchen before collapsing in a broken-hearted pile. Then this past Friday he crawled all the way to the edge of the kitchen and sat there crying. He has yet to leave the kitchen.

Luckily in the last couple of days he has discovered the joy of exploring the playroom more, so sometimes I can leave the room without him noticing and then everything is okay. It's always fine unless he actually sees me walking away.

With this new crawling talent has also come the ability to sit up on his own. We discovered this the Wednesday after he first crawled when I went to get him up in the morning and he was sitting up in the crib. So Jim lowered the crib mattress that day.

And today he started really trying to pull up to stand. He only does well when pulling up on objects about a foot and a half tall, but if they are stable enough, he can stand up while leaning on them all by himself! He may be the first to walk too! We'll see!

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