Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Hurrah for the End of RSV!

Well, we had quite a pleasant surprise when we went for RSV shots yesterday! They told us we didn't need to get them anymore! We thought we would have to get them in April too. And we won't need to get them next year! Yea! Some kids have to get them for two years if they are at more risk for having problems. Since my kids aren't having major upper respiratory issues, we don't have to have them next year. Thank goodness!

Here are the current weights for my porky little children: Zachary weighs 19lb 10oz and is followed very closely behind by Reagan at 19lb 8oz. Jonathan is next at 17lb 11oz. Thomas brings up the rear at an even 16lb. They are getting SO big! I can't wait for their 9-month checkup at the end of this month to find out what their percentiles are! And I can't believe they're almost 9 months old! This first year is flying by!

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TnMomTo3 said...

Yay! So glad those shots are over! I can remember that feeling when our girls were getting those shots!!

Kim Butler