Saturday, January 31, 2009

Talking with Toddlers

Here are a few more fun things the kids have said recently:

First, despite the fact that our Christmas decorations have been put away for nearly a month now, the kids still regularly have this conversation:

Child A: Where Kiss-miss twee? (Where's the Christmas tree?)
Child B: Is in da addic! (It's in the attic)
Child A: (sadly) Is not Kiss-miss anymore.

There for awhile we had this conversation every day, sometimes more than once. And if it isn't the Christmas tree, it's the trains. Our Christmas train is also in the attic, much to Zachary's despair.

Second, Jim found some lined Crocs on sale for the kids over Christmas too. They love these shoes because they can put them on themselves! That's why I like them too! Thomas plopped down in my lap the other day with his Crocs on, held them up for me to see and declared proudly, "It's my cwocadile feets!" Too cute!

Last, this one is a heartbreaker, for me at least. I've been teaching the kids to say their full names, and they're pretty good at it. I need to get that on tape! The other night, Jim asked Zachary what his name was, and he said very carefully, "Zac-a-ree" I thought I would cry! It was the first time ever that he has called himself Zachary instead of Za-say. We quickly turned to Reagan and asked her what Zachary's name was, so we could hear her call him Ya-ya. She did, thank goodness! Jim and I both hope she ALWAYS calls him Ya-ya. Since that night, Zachary has only called himself Za-say, but I know the end is near. Sigh.

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Becky said...

i just about cried the day Ava started calling it oatmeal instead of "opinoh." At least Nate still says "pasgetti."