Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Day After and After and After

The day after Christmas, Bud, KayKay, Aunt Nancy and Uncle George all came for a visit. So you know what that meant...more presents!

Thank you Bud, KayKay, George, Nancy, Aunt Jodie, Uncle Jeff, Kinley and Kallen for all the wonderful presents!

This one was by far the biggest hit with the kids. They fought over this vacuum cleaner for the rest of the day!

George helps Jonathan figure out his new puzzle. The pieces slide around on the board like through a maze, but they don't come off! I love it because it means Thomas can't snatch all the pieces and drop them behind his bed!

Here we are reading MY favorite present--Billy Brown Makes Something Grand by Tamara Kitt, copyright 1961. It was one of my favorites growing up and Mom found a used copy (it's out of print) for me on Amazon. It looks just like ours! There are actually two stories, each one involving Billy Brown and a grand creation that he makes for his ever-patient mother. Have any of you ever read this book?

Bud and Zachary, sitting with Nancy, having a phone conversation (with Reagan's new Disney Princess phone, another big hit that got fought over)

Reagan decided she did not need a nap that day and began crashing early. She was delighted to have a lap to snuggle in for a quick little nap before dinner, and KayKay was more than happy to oblige!

After the kids went to bed that night, it was time for the next big project, the kids' new kitchen! Jim and Bud put it together while I did some purging in the playroom to make room for all the new toys. Then I put on all the stickers and we set it up in the playroom for the next morning's big reveal!

When the kids came out of their room the next morning, they headed straight for the playroom. Jonathan led the pack and the whole way there he kept saying, "My vacuum cleaner! My vacuum cleaner!" He obviously wanted to make it clear to everyone that he had first dibs on the vacuum cleaner! And when they entered the room and everyone else stopped to stare at this beautiful new thing that had appeared in the playroom, Jonathan didn't even notice! He went straight to the vacuum, which was RIGHT BESIDE THE NEW KITCHEN, grabbed it and looked up at us all with victory on his face! Then the other kids descended upon the kitchen and he realized that something bigger and better had arrived!

Oh, if only they were old enough to cook for real!

Nancy, Me, and KayKay with Thomas, Zachary, Reagan, and Jonathan

Zachary, Thomas, Reagan, and Jonathan in the new clothes Aunt Jodie made them! So impressive and adorable! The shirts have their initials on them! They are excited because Daddy just announced he was going to bring out their tricycles! Yea!

Zachary, obviously not having any fun at all!

Our beautiful Reagan!

We had such a great time with my family! I'm so glad they could make the trip to see us for Christmas! Hopefully they can all come again soon!


Candace said...

I love your blog but I have a questin: I use blogger as well and was wondering how you get the age ticker in your heading because i have no idea how to do with mine. thanks

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a Christmas, but yes, it WAS fun.

Love, K-K

Anonymous said...

Why, why , why don't they make those toy vacuum cleaners functional??? Kids love them, and they could be doing so much good while playing! They seem to lose the joy right about the time they could graduate to the real thing.