Monday, January 5, 2009

Let's Get Started!

The cards have been sent, the presents wrapped and unwrapped, the house cleaned and recleaned, the decorations put up and taken back down, the food cooked and eaten, the company come and gone. Christmas is over. The new year has begun. FINALLY I can blog again!

As the next several posts will show, we have been VERY busy this Christmas season! But it was all worth it and wonderful! I hope that your Christmas was just as good, full of family, fun, love, and laughter!

For us, the holidays kicked off with a visit from Gammy and Granny Kat the Sunday before Christmas. The kids had a blast showing off all the new dress-up clothes that Michelle (and fam)had given them for Christmas! Then they had a bigger blast opening their new presents!

Granny Kat and Reagan

Thomas snuggles up with Gammy

Reagan, Jonathan, and Zachary with Granny Kat

Gammy and Reagan

Zachary clutches his new puppy, one of four that the kids got from Aunt Kathy and Carlos

Zachary and Jonathan color in one of their four new super-big coloring books that they got from Granny Kat. They LOVE these things! But be warned...the crayons that come with the coloring books aren't washable!

The guilty parties, Zachary and Reagan, pose with their subsequently strongly banned artwork! (And Mom and Dad learn a good lesson about leaving children unattended with crayons)


Becky said...

Mr. Clean magic eraser will take the crayon marks off the wall.

Judah and Michelle said...

I thought I documented everything! :)