Monday, January 5, 2009

Gingerbread House

Gammy returned for an overnight stay on Christmas Eve. The first order of business? To help the kids put together their first gingerbread house! I had been dreading this moment since their first Christmas when Michelle threatened to show up on their second Christmas with a house-building kit for each of them! She swore they'd do fine. She didn't swear she be there to help out! But as it turned out, Jim was the one who showed up with a gingerbread house -building kit. Luckily, he only bought one, and it was the kids' THIRD Christmas. I assured myself, as I always do, that everything would be fine!

And surprisingly, it was!

Each child got their own piece of the house (two walls and two roof sides) to decorate. Gammy applied the icing and the kids applied the candy! At least, they applied the candy that they didn't eat! We had to supplement extra candy to replace what they ate (and to replace the large peppermints and gumballs that I didn't want them to have a chance to eat!) They LOVED it!

Gammy lends Reagan a hand

Jonathan didn't need any extra candy since he didn't eat any of his. Candy is made of sugar, you know, which might accidentally turn to fat and cause the child to gain a pound. Heaven forbid.

Thomas placing his candy

Reagan placing hers

And this is where Zachary placed most of his least, at first

...then he got the hang of it and did a good decorating job!

The finished product!
Not bad, huh? I was really surprised at how well they did and how much they enjoyed it! Maybe next year they can each have their own house...maybe!


Molly said...

Hi all!
just wanted to say THANKS for my Christmas card and picture... I think I was the last to actually get my hands on it in the office- bc everyone wanted to see it and keep it there! BUT it made it home to my refrigerator and i LOVE LOVE it. Thanks for the sweet note enclosed... y'all are very special to me too!
Hugs and Kisses all around.
miss molly

The Perkins Girls said...

Very impressive house! Yes, the tree was a kit. I was not brave enough to try the house yet--figured Kallen might destroy it :) Your kiddos did a great job!!