Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow Day!

So the kids and I are sitting at breakfast the other morning, and Thomas looks into the playroom and asks excitedly, "What's THAT?!?" Now, Thomas is excited EVERY time he asks this question, and usually he's asking about something he already knows the identity of. He just likes to ask. So i wasn't terribly concerned about turning around to try to figure out which of the billion things in the playroom he might be referring to. "I don't know," I answered, "what do you think it is?" This tactic always works when he's asking about an object he already knows. He answered, "I think it's rain!" Awww, man, it's raining! I thought to myself, as I turned around to look out the window. But wasn't raining! It was SNOWING!!!!

"That's not rain, kids, it's SNOW!! It's SNOWING!!" I shouted. Now we were ALL excited!

Jonathan, Reagan, Zachary, and Thomas watching the snow come down

It snowed all morning, but didn't stick much and by lunchtime even what had stuck earlier was melting away. I feared this would be the only snow we saw all season and the kids didn't even get to play in it! But around mid-naptime the snow started to stick again, at least in the grass, so after nap, I bundled the kids up and out we went!

Thomas, Reagan, Zachary, and Jonathan

Reagan and Jonathan brushing snow off the bushes


There wasn't a whole lot of snow-playing. There just wasn't enough of it to play in. Mostly the kids just ran around in circles and enjoyed being outside for a change. Oh, well. At least they got to be in it a little.

BUT snowed in the night and we woke up to white streets! More snow! But it was also much colder. Nevertheless, I was determined the kids would get to play in this snow too! maybe we could even build a little snowman!

Do you have any idea how long it takes to layer and bundle four two-year-olds for 20-degree weather? Well, it took me over an hour! By the time we finally got outside it was already starting to melt away in the sunny spots and most of our morning was gone. But we made the best of it! No snowman though. The snow wouldn't stick to itself. Might as well have tried to use dry sand!



It may not have been much, but we had a blast! We hope you enjoy your snow days too!


Stephanie said...

Oh they are just too cute..they looked like they enjoyed it!!

Suzanne said...

awesome post! they are SO cute and getting SO big!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute post & pics! Thanks!

Love, K-K

Andria said...

gorgeous snow pics! I'm jealous. I absolutely love the window picture. Did your kids just grow by 2 years or what????

Bethany said...

Adorable! Glad you enjoyed the little bit of snow that you got! :)

The Perkins Girls said...

so cute! yea for you spending an hour getting them ready to go out :)

The McNulty Family said...

GREAT pics mama!!
Happy snow days.