Thursday, January 8, 2009

More Company!

By New Year's Day we had had three whole days with no company, so obviously it was time to get some more family over quick! Uncle Clay and Aunt Carey met our company needs by packing up their kiddos and making the drive over from Indiana.

We were so glad Jim's brother and his beautiful family could come for a visit! Aren't these kids adorable?


Sweet little Avery

Baby Avery was a huge hit, and not just with Reagan!

Lovin' on the cousins and Aunt Carey

This was the CUTEST thing! When Tyler went into the kids' room for the first time, he went straight to Zachary's bed, climbed in, put his head on the pillow, and pulled up the covers! He was ready for a nap! MY kids rarely put their heads on their pillows without being asked, and they NEVER cover themselves up! Looks like Tyler is ready for a big boy bed to me!

The bulk of the visit was spent watching the kids interact with their cousins, teaching and learning and playing together.

Tyler taught his cousins how to ride a horse and fight the enemy at the same time!

Reagan taught Avery how to take the car apart with the noisy spinny thing

But the highlight of the visit was Tyler's birthday party! The Friday before his 2nd birthday, we threw Tyler a party! A good chunk of Jim and Clay's family was able to make the drive up from Jasper for the festivities, and we had a blast! We were so happy to be able to take part in this birthday since we had not been able to make Tyler's 1st birthday last year. It made for a crazy day and a very full house, but it was all worth it!

Tyler, eating Aunt Jayne's super-yummy birthday cake with his Uncle Jim
(Okay, who are we kidding, Jim didn't eat any cake! Crazy icing-hater!)

Oh, and JonZReaTom got presents too! Thank you Papaw and NeNe and Ashton! The kids LOVE the tools and workbench!

All the cousins!
Zachary, Tyler, Reagan, Avery, Thomas, and Jonathan
What a fun visit we had with our cousins! It was such fun to see the kids play with Tyler! Every new visit, the 6-month age difference becomes less and less apparent. It won't be long before there's no difference at all! What fun that will be! And Avery will catch up in no time too! Oh the fun times we have ahead of us! Thanks for coming you guys! We had a great time!

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