Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Words We Know!

Well, the kids are finally developing a recognizable vocabulary! Each of them has their own set of words that they use regularly (or irregularly) and it is really exciting! It seems we are adding new words all the time! For that reason, I am going to replace the Tooth Totals section of the sidebar (all of the kids have all 16 teeth that are supposed to have and we don't expect them to get any more for a good while!) with a Words We Know section. It will link back to this post where I will update periodically as the vocabularies grow.

Currently, here are the words that all four kids say regularly:

dada mama ball bubble banana bowl cheese
hat shoe snack baby bow cup wall car juice
keys remote tree
hi/hey bye no boo
woof-woof baa meow moo
done more hot down out go
mouth nose ear eye teeth

Each child has his or her own words in addition to these, but trying to keep an online list for each of them is more work than I want to commit to. So check back periodically for updates!

Hmmm...should I use a real word or just whine until they figure it out?

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