Sunday, February 3, 2008


We are ready for the SuperBowl! We're rooting for the Giants and our second-favorite Manning! However, since we aren't typically Giants fans, we have no Ginats apparel and had to settle for just dressing for football. It's hard to tell on Thomas' shirt, but all three boys' have the same shirt, just in different colors. I was delighted to find we had three alike. They are all hand-me-downs, and I know that all three weren't handed down from the same source. What a treat! I had no matching shirt for Reagan though, so I had to settle for a sporty-looking shirt of the boys'. She looks awfully cute in it, especially with her flowered jeans. I'm sorry they don't show! And she was nice enough to tolerayte the bow, at least for a little while!


Callie said...

Cute! The Giants also have a former Bison player on their team! Tank Daniels (#52) played for Harding my freshman & sophomore year.

Anonymous said...

I love that Reagan is wearing Knox's shirt along with a big pink bow. He will love that! Go Giants! Stephanie

TnMomTo3 said...

Too cute!! I know all 4 of them were thrilled w/ the outcome! :)