Saturday, February 16, 2008

Movin' On Up!

Well, not terribly long ago, we upgraded the kids to eating at the table! That has made life both easier and harder. It's easier for us to eat as a whole family. We no longer block up the entire kitchen when the kids eat. Those things are nice. Cleaning up afterwards, however, is harder since you have to go all the way around the table, instead of just down a row of chairs. It's also harder to monitor table manners when I'm the only adult at home and two kids are on the other end of the table from me. But overall, we really like it! Their table manners aren't the best, but hopefully they will get better before too much longer! Here are a few shots:

Don't they look so big sitting at the table?


Clay said...

It's nice to see them with their places at the table. I guess Tyler's place is coming soon. Obviously it will be a little easier with just him. Although with baby sister coming he may be on his own for a while. Just kidding.

Gen McNulty said...

Wow! That's a great idea. I've been putting it off.. but it would be so nice to eat as a family and have a table again!!

They are too cute for words and getting so BIG!!!

Gen and family

BoufMom9 said...

I have just recently decided to do the same thing with my twins and I'm so scared. It's crazy. I have had other kids, but the idea of having 2 at the same time at the table so young freaks me out! Don't know how you do it with 4!
But, they look like Big kids behaving!