Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our Little Artist

In April of 2011, Reagan won second place in a coloring contest, much to Jonathan’s dismay since he felt his coloring job had been just a good, if not better, than his sister’s!

Well, this year, Jonathan received the artistic attention he deserved when a piece of his artwork from school was chosen to hang in the Community Room at the Knoxville Museum of Art.  That’s right!  The MUSEUM!

We all made a special trip to go see it!

(Well, actually we made TWO special trips because we were told the incorrect dates of the picture’s display.  We arrived at the museum all excited and asked where the school artwork was displayed and were told it had already been taken down, three months ago!  We were very confused and disappointed.  Luckily that was the same day as Carter’s birthday party, so we had that to distract us from our disappointment, and it all worked out in the end!)


The Knoxville Museum of Art

Admission is free to the public!



The middle vertical row of four paintings is the kindergartener’s row.  Jonathan’s is the predominantly red one.  Their theme was primary colors, and you can easily see that Jonathan’s is distinctly different from the other kids’.  Maybe that’s why they chose it.


Jonathan said it’s a picture of a mobile.  He told me he used red because most of the other kids were using lots of blue and yellow and they were running out of those colors.  That sounds like him!


The artist with his work

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Becky Campbell said...

love it! is that jim in the photo holding a kid? he has slimmed down! didn't you say he ran a half marathon did it go? i love seeing your family pics and keeping up with you on your blog. your kids are getting so big, it's hard to believe!