Saturday, July 14, 2012

Carter Turns Six!

We also celebrated Carter’s birthday in March with a party at the bowling alley!

It was St. Patrick’s Day so we were all sporting our green!

Me and my beautiful daughter
Now, we (and by we I mean mostly me) have a love/hate relationship with bowling.  Bowling is LOTS OF FUN for about half an hour and then the kids get increasingly bored with waiting their turn.  There’s just so many of them, and we always bowl with a few extra kids, so the time you have to wait between turns can get kind of long. 
Young children do not wait well.  At least mine don’t!
So the kids were great in the beginning.  Then there was food and that was great.  Then there were presents, and that was great too.  Then there was more bowling…but the arcade section right beside us was more enticing. 
So then there was whining for coins to play arcade games and lots of running back and forth from the bowling lanes to the arcade and it started to get a little too chaotic and whiny for me, and I mean it was REALLY BAD, and I sort of lost my mind.
Now, normally, if I’m ready to go, I’ll casually go to Jim and ask how much longer we’re going to stay and tell him that I’m kind of ready to go.
Not this time.
This time I went to him swiftly and announced quite urgently that WE HAVE TO GO NOW and then walked away to gather our things and leave.
So we left.  And I felt better as soon as we were in the car.
I don’t really remember the details of what made it so bad.  I just remember that feeling that if we didn’t leave RIGHT NOW I was going to explode.
Overall, we still had a great time.  We always love to get a chance to hang with Carter!
Happy birthday, Carter!
Thomas, Zachary, Carter, Reagan, Jonathan

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