Friday, July 27, 2012

Last Night

As in, the last night we slept in our old house!

That’s right!  For those of you out of the loop, we sold our house!  In less than a week!  We did NOT expect it to sell so quickly!


We were supposed to close on it June 1st, so we began moving out of it the week before, into an APARTMENT because we had not found a new home yet!  (Well, we had found a home, but couldn’t move into it until the end of July, and it ended up falling through.  That’s a whole different story!)

There ended up being quite a bit of drama with the closing, not because of our buyers who are fantastic, but because of the appraiser and the bank.  Anyway, it eventually worked out, and now a really lovely family is living in our house and eating tomatoes from our garden!

Anyway, we moved all the furniture out on a Saturday and the apartment became home.  However, we didn’t really appreciate that Friday night was our LAST NIGHT in our old house, so we went back with sleeping bags and spent the night again so we could really mark the occasion!


I miss my hydrangea bush!


One last picture with the hydrangeas!


One last game of Statues!  Boy statues are SO different from girl statues!


One last cookout!


One last night in the house!

Oh, it was bittersweet to leave that house!  So many memories there!  It was our very first house!  Jim and I had been there for TEN YEARS! The babies came home to that house.  It’s that only home they’ve ever known!

That house will always hold a special place in our hearts!  We are delighted that it is now home to a wonderful new family and hope they love it as much as we did!


Becky Campbell said...

I couldnt bear to sell our first home that all my babies came home to, too...but it turned out the market was so bad we couldnt sell it anyway, so we rent it out. I kinda prefer still owning it, now that a few years have passed it would be easier to sell it now. Anyway, all that to say i appreciate how hard it is to leave that first home! But i know its exciting too! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I will miss that house, too! Hope you will be living in a beautiful new home soon.

Love, Mom