Friday, July 27, 2012

Little Four Eyes

Don’t worry.  We never actually call him that! 

Some of you may have noticed in this summer whirlwind of posts that at some point, Zachary started wearing glasses!

At his 5-year checkup last summer, he struggled to read the eye chart, so we took him to a pediatric eye dr to have a full eye exam.


The dr discovered that Zachary was not really using his left eye.  He was only using the right one.  The left eye was weakening and beginning to turn in.  Yikes!  So Zachary got a special pair of glasses to force him to use both of his eyes. 

I wish I could recreate some of the tests here for you.  It was a really fascinating exam.  There was one test where the dr showed Zachary four little dots of light and asked him to count them.  He only saw three!  Because he wasn’t using his left eye at all, he couldn’t see the fourth one!  Fascinating!


It was hard on him at first because he actually saw worse with the glasses on than he did without them!  Luckily, that didn’t last long!  His eyes adjusted pretty quickly.  He wears them all day every day, and his vision has improved greatly over the past year. 

If the glasses had not improved his eyes, we would have had to additionally have him wear a patch over his good eye until his weak one caught up.  Happily, we don’t have to do that!

He’ll probably have to wear the glasses several more years, kind of like a retainer for his eyes.  We’ll see!


AND here are a few more pics from my phone!  These are from 2011.


Yea!  Face painting at Spring Celebration!


Easter clothes retake


Fancy hair!


What a face!  I’m pretty sure we posed this face on purpose to send the picture to Daddy!


Shark teeth!  Reagan’s first permanent tooth came in before she lost the baby one!


The Thanksgiving victim


The Thanksgiving culprit!  Yummy!

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