Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Field Day!!

Well, the school year is drawing to a close.  Kindergarten is almost over.  That can only mean one thing…

Field Day!!!

I took the day off from school to attend the kids’ field day, and I’m SO glad I did!  It was a challenge to try to spend equal time with four kids in four different classes scattered across the field, but I managed as best as I could!


Reagan and Lydia




Zachary with Garrett and Bryan, I’m not sure how Preston managed to not be in this picture.

I wish I had taken pictures of all the kids with their friends, but it just didn’t happen.  I need to do better next time!

The above picture were all part of the morning activities.  There was no competition involved, just lots of fun!  After that, the kids went inside for lunch and a little downtime.  Then they came back out in the afternoon for the Big Kindergarten Tug-of-War Competition!

The tug-of-war competition was a BIG DEAL!  The winning class received the Golden Rope, a symbol of victory to be displayed all year in the classroom.  Last year’s winner, Thomas’ teacher, was ready to claim another victory, but the other teachers all had their eyes on that Golden Rope as well!



It was really hard on me trying to cheer when two kids competed against each other, especially since my kiddos were always at the ends of the ropes.  I’m sure other parents wondered why I was running around, snapping pictures and cheering for ALL the teams!  Well, four out of five teams, anyway!

In the end it came down to Thomas’ class, ready for a repeat victory…


…against Jonathan’s class.  It might interest you to know that Jonathan’s teacher lost to Thomas’ last year!  She was ready for revenge!


I positioned Reagan on Jonathan’s end to cheer for him, and Zachary on Thomas’ end to cheer for him! 

We won’t discuss the stern conversation I had with Reagan when she threw a fit, wanting to leave RIGHT NOW because her class lost.

And the winner is…


Jonathan’s class!

After such an exciting (and hot) day, we treated ourselves to some ice cream and talked over all the day’s fun events.  What a great day!

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