Monday, August 2, 2010

Nature Nook: Garden Update

We have really enjoyed our garden this summer. The kids have loved going out with Daddy to harvest the vegetables, even if they don’t like eating any of them! Here’s a shot of our garden in its prime, before some sort of pest killed off our squash plants. Sigh.


Our plants got much bigger than we expected. The okra plants are taller than the kids! And our harvest has been bountiful indeed! I think we’ve collected our weight in cherry tomatoes! (To see our baby garden, click HERE)

But growing a garden has also been incredibly interesting! Most of you probably know that this flower turns into a squash…


…but do you know what this one turns into?

DSC_0384It’s an okra blossom!

Hmmm…maybe the okra growing beside the blossom sort of gives that away. Well, I found it fascinating! Isn’t it gorgeous?

And our mystery bean? Look! It actually grew a bean!


Unfortunately, I didn’t pick it at the time, and the next time I went out, I couldn’t find it because there was too much cherry tomato in the way. So it’s still a mystery. What kind of bean is that? Anyone? I’m just glad I got a picture of it! I’m amazed it grew at all!

What fun the garden has been! If you didn’t plant a garden this year, make an effort next year! It doesn’t have to be much! You’ll be amazed too!

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Rose sterling said...

It’s a broad bean plant. I also planted some like that actually I just harvested a basket of broad beans. It is perfect sautéing with butter.