Friday, May 28, 2010

Nature Nook: Little Green Thumbs

Okay, it’s taken me forever, but I’m finally getting to the gardening post! I mentioned before that we planted our very first Harris Family Garden on Mother’s Day weekend! I didn’t include it in the Mother’s Day post because it wasn’t really for Mother’s Day. We just happened to do it that weekend.

Jim built a raised bed off the side of the house in the sunniest part of our back yard on Sat. Then on Sun his four little helpers were ready to start planting! First, they helped bring all the tools to the garden.

DSC_0518 DSC_0517 DSC_0516

I don’t think we really needed all those tools, but if one child is going to carry something, they ALL have to carry something!

After spreading the dirt out, it was time to decide where each plant should go. We had 3 tomato plants, 1 cherry tomato plant, 3 squash plants, 2 okra plants, and 1 mystery bean. (Mystery bean story coming soon!)

After much deliberation…

DSC_0521 What do you think, Zachary, a little more to the right?

…JonZReaTom decided all the plants should go together on the right side to keep each other company. They would have plenty of room to grow as long as they grew up or left.


Fortunately, they were overruled by Daddy, and the plants were placed more appropriately across the whole bed. It was now time to get panting! Each of the kids got to have a turn planting and watering.





And here’s how it looked in the end!


Already we are producing lots of tiny tomatoes! I’ll have to get a picture soon! I have to admit that I find the garden very exciting! If I had done more of the actual work, I might find it even more exciting! JonZReaTom’s favorite part so far has been that it attracts butterflies! I’d like to get some pics of them too! There’s so much going on these days and never enough time to tell you all about it! Have a great weekend!

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