Friday, May 7, 2010

I Just Love Getting Behind!

Well, not really. I hate it actually! I hate being so far behind that it seems silly to even write about a particular event because it happened so long ago, but I also don’t like leaving things out. What I’m trying to say is…

We had a great time over Easter! (I know, I know, bear with me, there are some cute pictures!)

To begin, the kids each had to take a dozen boiled eggs to preschool the week before Easter. That would be FOUR DOZEN eggs for me, so I baked them, rather than boiling them, like I did last year, and this time I remembered to take a picture! Yea! Click on the link if you want the directions for doing this yourself.


Luckily, the kids didn’t actually dye all 4 dozen, so we had enough for Easter weekend without having to bake or boil any more.

Uncle Clay and Aunt Carey came for the weekend with our cousins, Tyler and Avery. You know how much we love to visit with our cousins! On Sat, Gammy came to visit too, and we all dyed Easter eggs. It was a little chaotic, so I didn’t get a lot of pictures, but here are a couple.


DSC_2532 Even Superman enjoyed dying Easter eggs!

Sunday we all went to church together. The kids all looked so cute in their clothes. I was especially excited that Tyler was wearing a white shirt with a sweater vest, just like Jonathan, Zachary, and Thomas. It looked like we planned it!

We tried getting pictures on the swing, but it was so sunny that we had trouble getting the kids to look up, especially Thomas.


We had better luck in the shaded grass, but it was hard to get all the faces to stay in view!

DSC_2607 Jonathan, Thomas, Reagan, Zachary, Avery, Tyler

Sunday afternoon,we had an Easter egg hunt. The kids had been waiting all year for this!


It cracked me up when they all sat down here to start eating their treasures because this is exactly where they all sat last year! Without any prompting at all either time. I guess there’s something about this flowerbed ledge that says, “Here’s a good place to eat jelly beans!”


Hmmm…I’ve never done the pictures like that before, so we’ll see how it works! The kids were all so cute sitting along the ledge that I snapped a shot of each of them, except Avery who got away before I could get to her.

Well, I was just looking for last year’s post on the Easter egg hunting to link it to this one, and I couldn’t find one, so this post may be late, but at least all the festivities are accounted for!

This visit was really great! The kids and Tyler played better than they ever have before and really enjoyed each other’s company. Tyler is only 6 months younger than JonZReaTom, but those 6 months have really made a difference in the past. The older they all get, the less those 6 months matter.

We can’t wait for them all to come back again!

I also enjoyed talking with the kids about why we celebrate Easter in the first place. It’s a heavy topic, and I wasn’t sure how much detail to go into with them. How much of Christ’s crucifixion can an almost-four-year-old understand? So I gave them a very softened version. They heard a slightly less softened, but still appropriate, version in Sunday school, and I was pleased by how well they understood the story. There’s something really special about talking to your kids about Jesus and what he did for us! Next year I think they’ll be ready to do Empty Tomb cookies. I’ll try to remember to post the recipe in time for any of you who might be interested in them too. Thanks, Kim, for sending me the recipe!

Happy Friday!


Suzy said...

Baked Easter eggs? That's genius! Will definitely have to try that sometime.

Anonymous said...

Better late than never! Loved the post & the pics!

Love to all,