Tuesday, August 17, 2010

There are Never TOO MANY BUNNIES!

I have to give great big thanks to my friend Michelle for introducing me to the book Too Many Bunnies by Tomie dePaola.

Too Many Bunnies (Trade)

In this adorable story, Mommy and Daddy Hopkins give the children the task of readying the radish garden while they go to the store to buy carrot seeds. Each bunny has his own task, but they all try to do their jobs at the same time, creating a big mess. When the parents return, they straighten everything out by teaching the kids the importance of organization and taking turns.

But here’s the best part!!!!! The bunny children include a set of quintuplets, a set of QUADRUPLETS, a set of triplets, AND a set of twins, plus one singleton! This is the first children’s story I’ve come across that actually has characters in it who are quadruplets! My kids love it! Thanks, Michelle!

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Suzy said...

This is so weird ... I *just* came from looking through all the books people have given us (not all are appropriate for toddlers, so I keep them separated), and I saw several titles by this author! Not "Too Many Bunnies," though ... I will have to put it on my wish list. Very cool!