Friday, August 13, 2010

Things We Love #5

We LOVE Crayola Paint Brush Pens!


Let’s just be honest. I don’t like messes. Why? Well… they’re messy! And guess who usually has to clean them up? ME!!! So letting the kids paint indoors is not something I like to do, but it’s been so hot outside this summer that painting OUTSIDE is impossible. Luckily, Crayola has rescued my kids from a paint-free summer.

These brushes are FANTASTIC! They are just like painting with watercolors but without the mess! And with four mess-prone little ones, that makes me really happy! They don’t drip. There’s no cup of brown rinse water to knock over. And there’s practically nothing to clean up! Just put the caps on, hang up the masterpieces, fold up the tablecloth if you used one, and DONE!

DSC_0403 Reagan

DSC_0404 Jonathan

I’m pretty sure we got these pens from Gammy and Granny Kat a couple of Christmases ago, and they are still hanging in there! If you don’t have any for your little ones, you might want to consider adding them to your art supply!

By the way, Crayola did not pay me to write this lovely review of their paint pens. They did not provide me with the paint pens. I don’t get anything if you buy their paint pens, except the satisfaction of knowing I influenced someone else’s purchasing decision. And that’s only if you tell me.

Happy painting!

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