Sunday, February 14, 2010

Send the Love

A little Valentine’s love from us to YOU!



In the past, the kids have really not known what to do with Valentine’s Day. It’s not as easy a holiday for them to wrap their little minds around. This year it has made a little more sense to them, but still Reagan has complained throughout the day that she wants her valentines. I’ve tried to explain that she already has them, but she doesn’t believe me. She has some idea in her head that she has picked up from TV or a book or school, and whatever it is, we aren't meeting her V-day expectations!

As in the years past, I made the kids’ Valentine cards (See HERE for last year, I don’t seem to have taken pictures of previous years. Perhaps this isn’t as much of a tradition as I thought!). I’m not sure how many more years this little tradition will last! I got this idea from a craft activity in Parents magazine and adapted it to incorporate the kids’ initials, which are sewn onto the hearts with red yarn. I think I like them more than the kids do! They would probably prefer something flashier, with lots of colors and glitter. Oh, well!


I also upset Zachary earlier when I said I had a treat for them from Bud and KayKay, but when I brought it out, the treat was stuffed animals and not candy. Apparently, “treat” = “candy”! I didn’t know this! So he was not excited at all about the stuffed animals. Luckily, there were also puzzles, so he stopped crying to get one of those!

Jim surprised me this morning with some chocolate-covered goodies and TWO bouquets of flowers! Not to mention a card with the most beautiful hand-written note. Truly it brought me to tears! Tears of love and joy! I love him so much!

So far, it’s been a great day! I know the rest of it will be too! Lots of love! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about Z's unhappiness about no candy. PLEASE use some of the $ I sent with their cards to buy candy for Z (& his siblings)!

I think R expected V day to be more like Christmas, when parties & presents seemed to go on forever! She'll learn that not every holiday is like Christmas. :=) But Easter will be here before we know it & I'll be sure to send some candy.

Love, K-K