Sunday, February 7, 2010

Crazy Snow Days

I’m a Southern girl. I live in the South and always have, so I know that anything I have to say about snow is likely to be snickered at by those of you who don’t live in the South. But FOR HERE this has been a crazy, snowy winter! Most winters we get ONE snowfall with accumulation that MIGHT be around past lunchtime if we’re lucky! And this usually happens in MARCH!

But THIS year, we've already had THREE significant snowfalls! And it’s been so cold that the snow sticks around for DAYS! We’ve probably had more snow this winter than in the last ten years combined!

At least it gives us an opportunity for some great pictures!


This year the kids are all about snow angels! So cute!

DSC_0176 One day I took the kids out to play in the snow by myself. It was so cold, we didn’t stay out very long. In fact, I’m sure it took twice as long for me to get them all ready as we were actually outside! I took very few pictures that day, so I made them pose for this one after we came in.



DSC_0246 Reagan-she was having fun! Really!



DSC_0249 Zachary


There are SOME things that don’t work well in the snow!

DSC_0262 Easily the most snow our house has ever seen! (I know, snicker away!)



DSC_0275 Thomas-Yes, he’s sitting on top off a bush!




DSC_0310 The kids also enjoyed throwing snowballs into the creek, but it made us nervous, so Jim drew a line in the snow for them to stand behind!



We hope you guys enjoyed all your snow days too! Personally, now I’m ready for SPRING!!


Bridgette said...

Those pictures were great! Did you get a new camera? I liked this post because I too am from the deep South and saw more snow this winter in TN then I did my whole lifetime in LA!!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful snow arrived in W. TN overnight. I was surprised this morning when I looked out the window.